Meet The Allens


Anwar and I met as undergraduates that the University of Virginia.  Always ready for an adventure, we married during these young years, and started our now 7 year old family.

Juggling film and photo shoots, play dates, and the daily question “What’s For Dinner?” – we have yet to experience boredom.

Nestled into the soon-to-come-to-life pages of this blog will be a working commentary of our commitment to fueling our lives with a variety healthy and exciting foods, and how Whole Foods has become our go-to place.  Keeping the budget in mind, we seek to strike that balance between delicious, practical, affordable, Whole, sometimes decadent, and… above all… sustainable.  As we continue through the journey of answering the question of embracing an affordable, healthFULL lifestyle- we invite you along.  Grab your shopping cart, and let’s get to know one another!



28, first year of running his own film company, parents immigrated to states from the Caribbean, and raised him to have massively high standards for good food.



32, has stayed at home with their cub, embraced the apron in an effort to live up to her Italian Grandpa’s cooking and Scottish Grandma’s baking.  In rare moments of silence, she has put her creative writing concentration to use & brainstormed through film projects with Anwar… though, truth be told, she spends most of her time living life alongside


their up to this point (mostly) un-schooled 5 year old.



5, about to start Kindergarten, passionate about Jamaican Beef Patties, Green Smoothie Races, Eating the Rainbow, and massively interested in the dishes from “all of the different nations that make up my blood!”


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