Mission Accomplished: $80/Week at Whole Foods Market & 2 Muffin Recipes!

Anwar and I met at college, and on our first date, he said, “Well… if your Grandpa was Italian… You must be able to cook?” Hope in his eyes.

“Of course I can!” I considered my gift for assembling exceptionally beautiful sandwiches, boiling pasta and adding jarred sauce, and… I’d seen it done.  I actually thought I could.  Ha!

“My family takes food very seriously.”  First date.  Goodness.  Smitten by him, and given insight into his passion, I made a point of always having his favorite foods on hand… Twizzlers, Twix, Hot Pockets, Whoppers… anything those prepaid points could buy in the school store.  Every time it was like a miracle.  He just lit up, and fell in love with me a little bit more with every bite.

Not too long after we eloped in the woods during an undergrad summer vacation.  By this point, I’d grown very aware of how high the bar had been set as far as culinary matters go.  “My mom said to never marry a woman who can’t cook…”  and “My mom said a good cook ____”  No pressure.  The first time I went to his parents’  home for Thanksgiving, wedding band sparkling, I actually wept at the table.  I’d never seen, or tasted anything like the 17 or so dishes before me- a perfect symphony.  I looked at him, devastated, and said,

“I will never, ever, ever be able to do this for you.”  His father re-tells me that story every single time I see him.

“Do you remember the time…”

Well, I took the leftovers home, and quickly brought them to my girlfriend whose mother was from India… a lot of the preparation and spice concepts that she had learned from her mom overlapped with these West Indian Dishes.  She dissected each and every side, and carefully wrote down the directions while she recreated it for me in her kitchen.

While my fellow grads spent their days building their businesses and excelling in law and med school, I (to their disdain) spent my time learning everything I could about cooking by making Anwar Thanksgiving dinner about every other week until Christmas of the following year… when… I served up each and every dish (Well… I put a CUP of salt in the rice and peas… humiliating… so almost every dish!) to his family.  It meant so much to be able to reassure him that there was hope.  I might just have a shred of talent after all.  And, if I didn’t, I compensated with stubborn (obsessive?) determination!


I made a huge mistake once while reading the above book.  So inspired by the outcry against North Americans consuming unnecessary quantities of the earth’s resources, and the call to eat less so that we had more $ to help the impoverished people in the world, I went… overboard in my efforts.  Anwar never got over the butt of the lettuce showing up on his unlucky spoon from one of the crock pot soups that I had made.  No matter how many times I have told him these past 7 years of wedded life that, “The book did not tell me to do that!  Don’t blame the book!  I was just thinking… let’s not waste anything!” he still protests every time he sees me take it off the shelf- as if it has maddening powers within it!

For this project, I knew I had to get double dipped in the teachings and applications of More With Less.  These efforts bore much fruit… or… well, you know what I mean.


In true Whole Foods Market form, the cashier got into the spirit of our project and pulled out the coupon book to make sure we were getting every deal possible!


A.ma.zing customer service.  Seriously.  Such a nice experience.  And, now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the grand total for ingredients to make 21 meals:




Success!  And it even included some nice luxury items, like 3 of like these lovelies:


Whose kid is that playing with the oysters?  Where are her parents?




Nevermind.  Is that her father taking a selfie in the cheese case?


Her mother’s not paying attention.


Because she’s dreaming up some bomb muffins!  Check it:


To make these Cinnamon-Topped Oatmeal Muffins for your breakfasts, preheat your over to 425 degrees and grease a muffin tin.

Mix 1 c flour, 1/4 c sugar, 3 t. baking powder and 1/2 t salt.  Then stir in 1 c quick or old fashioned oats and 1/2 c raisins.


Stir, stir.


Add 3 T oil (There are a few items I did not purchase, like oil & salt.  I’ll tell you what they are as I go).


A beaten




And, 1 cup of milk.  I opted for unsweetened coconut almond milk because 1) I’m in love with it  2) It was on sale and 3) Anwar won’t notice that it’s not cow milk in a baked good… as opposed to cereal.


No need to cry over a little spilled milk.  Just keep going!

IMG_5536 IMG_5537 IMG_5543

Stir together 2 T sugar, 2 t flour, 1 t cinnamon (did not purchase today), and 1 t melted butter (we had a lot of left over butter from Christmas, so I did not buy more.  If you decide to make all of these recipes, you will very likely find that you don’t have to buy every ingredient either… perhaps you’ll already have sugar and raisins, for instance).  Stir together, and…


top the muffins before you bake for 15 minutes.


Let them cool a little, and then try them out on someone you love!


What can I say?  Seven years of marriage later, and I still wait to see if I’ll get the response I’m hoping for!


Win!  And, they’re 143 calories each!  So- have 2 for breakfast with your coffee!

Now, since I’m in muffin mode, and would like to have these last for several breakfasts (yeah right… that’s why I got oatmeal for back up!), I decided to delve into the Whole Wheat Pineapple Muffins.  As a new bride, when I discovered a recipe that got a reaction out of my husband like the one above, I made it a staple.  I don’t think he realized it came from this book!  You can see how often I visited this page…


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Mix 1 c white flour


1 c whole wheat flour


and 3 t baking powder (I had this on hand).


Separately, cream 1/4 c sugar and 1/4 c butter (the book calls for margarine… not happening)


until it looks something like this:


Add one egg.


Beat well; stir in: 1 can of crushed pineapple, undrained (I didn’t read that right when I made it… the book calls for 1 cup… go for the whole can.  It was awesome).


Add dry ingredients,


and stir just enough to moisten the flour.


Bake in greased muffin tins for 15-20 minutes.  Remove from tins at once.


I visited Anwar while he edited a film in the other room,




Yay!!!  155 calories each!

One tip: the second you unpack your groceries, place the dried beans in containers with lots of water.  Drain them and refrigerate them in sealed containers once they’re nice and plump (8 hrs or so).


 This will have you prepped long before you start the recipes for your weekly meal plan!  I’m so excited to dive into the rest of this week!  Here’s a sneak peak of the plan for the dinners coming up:


And little chef just prepped some French Bread, which we will use with the sun butter recipe from a past blog and some 365 Jelly or bananas for lunches!


Sending you a hearty helping of love as we all leap into 2014, ready to get healthy, save $, and get out of/stay away from debt!


2 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished: $80/Week at Whole Foods Market & 2 Muffin Recipes!

  1. Just pulled a batch of your oatmeal raisin muffins out of the oven, delicious! We substituted the sugar in the batter with honey granules (1:1) and added a little cinnamon and vanilla. Kept the white sugar topping the same. Not too sweet, just right! Thanks for sharing your adventures at Whole Foods.

    • Oh, my! Susan, this is a little surreal! Like the first time in Julie and Julia when folks started to really interact with the blogger! You followed a recipe! So neat! Awesome variations. Keep on cooking! More to come- and I’m about to add the meal plan to the bottom of this same blog! Be well!

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