Living Off $80/Week at Whole Foods Market & A Hummus Recipe!

I read the “Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions” yesterday, and 3 of them included: Lose Weight, Get Out of Debt, & Save Money.  This gave me a newfound sense of purpose for this blog effort- as it touches on these three things.

It also got me thinking about why I love the Whole Foods Market SO much… why it’s worth it to me to get creative with seeking out values just so I can go there on a regular basis.  And I realized, especially in these brown and grey winter months, that I just feel better in there!

The flowers- so fragrant and thoughtfully arranged with their colors saying, “Hello!” every time I see them.  “Stop, slow down, allow us to engage your senses.”





The produce… everything feels right in the world in the produce department.  Doesn’t it?  Health seems within grasp.  Surrounded by the beauty, I can think clearly.  Oh, beautiful nature!



The familiar faces.  There’s such a high job satisfaction with the team members, they tend to stick around.  It’s nice to see the same faces enough that there’s a sense of having a local grocer, and… they’re nice!  Happy-with-job people are nice people!  Eager to help.  Never in a rush.  Willing to linger and answer questions, and find things with you instead of pointing to the aisle and giving the, “don’t think I’m walking there” face that we all know from conventional grocery stores.  (So frustrating to spend 25 minutes looking for an ingredient).  They’re just great!



Samples of the chocolate truffles imported from France? Jackpot!


Beauty, beauty everywhere!






I like going there.  It inspires me.  And I just no longer buy into the “I can’t afford to go there” mentality.  It’s like Tiffany’s in Breakfast With Tiffany’s!  Of course we can!  If we go in and buy one latte, or fill our basket with high end prepared foods… it’s the same experience.  We are received the same, treated the same.

So, with New Year’s Gusto, I introduce my new project: Can we live off of $80/week, 21 meals in 7 days, while shopping at Whole Foods Market?  I intend to find out- starting on Monday, and I will be posting as I go this January to keep you updated and inspired with recipes and new insights, so check in often!  I’m going to spend the next few days strategizing so that I go in with a plan!  Can’t wait to share it with you.  In the meantime,

since hummus is amazing,



Here’s a super yummy recipe for making a big old tub of it yourself to save some dinero:



Here goes:

2 cans of garbanzo beans, drain the liquid out of one.

3 rounded teaspoons of tahini (a little spending up front, huge savings over time)

1/2 c extra virgin olive oil.

2-3 cloves of garlic.

1.5 tsp salt.

1 whole lemon, peeled.

I throw in whatever for some extra flavor (dill, roasted red pepper, kalamata olives, cilantro).

Purée the mess out of it.




pair it with something awesome.  We’re hummousdilla fans in the Allen home.


Bon Appétit!


10 thoughts on “Living Off $80/Week at Whole Foods Market & A Hummus Recipe!

  1. Super cool idea!!! How many are you feeding on $80/week? And, to save even more dinero you can grab the dried beans from bulk- they’re wicked cheap!

  2. What an inspiration for other families, Laura. Two of my four grandchildren eat very healthy whole foods, and I love that. My 2.9 granddaughter grabbed a piece of cooked broccoli and said, “I need some hummus, please.” Wow! I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

  3. I’m addicted to this place too, feels like visiting a neighbor! I’ll be very interested to see how you do because every time I go I usually spend way too much!

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