Soccer Snack Sign Up!

Taking our munchkin to run her little five year old heart out on the soccer field


makes us feel good as parents.  Fresh air, exercise, family time… a Saturday morning well spent.  I think those three factors motivate most parents to commit to a season of setting the alarm on a weekend.  The great conflict comes when, mid and post game, we flood their little bodies with a heavy dose of sugars in both liquid and solid form, high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and preservatives.  Could we think about some alternatives?

Like $1.99/box 365 strawberry bars (8 per box- we used 2 boxes), a $4.99 fresh cut watermelon (we used half a melon), and $4.99/box drinks with pure honest ingredients (8 per box- we used 2 boxes):


The littles


gathered excitedly ’round the bag


hands eagerly dipping into the hydrating, sweet fruit


followed by the expected shenanigans that friendship and snack time inspires.



Let us re-think the decisions we teach our offspring to make.  They can have a chance that we never did.  Instead of, “Well, I worked out, so now I will reward myself with a shower of junk food!”, we have the opportunity to replace that cultural norm with, “…and now I think I’ll thank my body by fueling it with clean foods.”  What a wonderful foundation for the ones we so love!

Here, here!


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