Unplanned Savings

We decided to go to Whole Foods Market without a grocery list, and instead buy one of every item on the Hot Deals! flyer.


We scored this bounty for less than $85!  (We did not buy the figs, as we had just gone fig picking the day before, or the coconut peanut butter, because of Anwar’s massively serious peanut allergies).


A sense of adventure laced the entirety of the week, as we ate meals that “felt like we were at someone else’s house”.  This Enchilada, Heirloom Tomato, Watermelon & Maple Carrots (from last week’s shopping trip), for instance, might be a plate we would make at a potluck:


With a celebratory mood, we munched away on the unfamiliar dish that had replaced our Allen Family style, thoughtful about each bite.

We did something else wild and crazy (#simmerdown!) and each had one of those delicious Stony Field yogurts as a dessert after this meal.  They rounded it out nicely, & somehow felt a bit scandalous!


The following day, Samaria and I brought this lunch to a play date picnic at the spray park!

It added a nice dimension of luxury to our time interspersed with wet bathing suit hugs, and some good momma talk.


That night, we made these rockin’ chicken wings,


and had so much fun at the assembly line station we built, that we made this wee family movie of the process: 

The next night, I woke up and marinated the Boneless Beef New York Strip Steaks in the Soy Ginger Marinade Recipe I got from one of my go to sites.


We had the steak with some more heirloom tomatoes.  Once we found this recipe last summer, we just… stopped looking.  Andie Mitchell can cook.

For another meal, we made the Wild-Caught Turbot Fillet


which… well… led to me say things to my dinner plate like, “Oh My!  Where have you been all my life?”  Wow.  I don’t think that I have had this before.  We squirted some lemon, a little sunflower oil, and some dried seasonings on it and threw it on the grill.  Turbot Fillet, we will definitely meet again.

At some point in the week, we used some of the groceries to create this nice cheese board.


I’d like to say that we sat down, sipping just the right pairing while looking out at a magnificent view as the contents of this board slowly disappeared.  Truth be told: it got hoarked down by a kitchen of standing Allens and disappeared between sentences like, “Mmm… Oh… the cheese in the crackers just NEEDED the extra cheese and fruit spread!  Why did we ever think differently?”

Our final meal came, utilizing the Boneless Pork Roast, at a serendipitous time.  We had just befriended Helen,


who is in the States from China for a short time.  That morning, I had asked her what she would like to do that she hadn’t yet, and one thing she said was, “Try BBQ!”  I just so happened to have it on the menu for dinner that night!


 This serendipitous event had a tint of the miraculous to it, as I had only made Pulled Pork BBQ one other time in my life!  What a gift to have some to share!


Will I shop this way again?  Yeah!

It’s just good to know that on the weeks that I do not have a plan in place, I can got to Whole Foods Market and pick up the “paints” from the palette that they selected for that week’s Hot Deals, and “paint a whole new landscape in the kitchen” without overspending!

Gathering around the dinner table together, just visiting with one another, stands as a priority in our daily life as a family.  I’m grateful to know that if we have to, we can rely on this system to fill our basket to ensure that, on any giving day, we can find satisfying ingredients to make that happen.

Next post: “Vegans For A Week”


4 thoughts on “Unplanned Savings

  1. What a beautiful family! You are so supportive of each other! You inspire me to get my kids in the kitchen cooing more often!

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